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The Scripture says that we are saved by grace through faith and in February of 1975 I was born-again at my home        in Brighton, Colorado. The following year, during Stewardship month, GOD called me to Preach. I ran from the Call, but GOD has unique ways of getting our attention and               I eventually surrendered to HIS will for my life. In January 1980 I enrolled at Oklahoma Baptist College in Oklahoma City; graduating in May of 1984.
While in college, after much Prayer and encouragement from family, friends, and professors, the LORD led me into Evangelism and Old West Revival Ministries was born. For nine years GOD used the preaching of HIS Word through that unique Western Ministry to bring thousands to saving faith in our LORD JESUS CHRIST. In 1986 GOD’s grace made it possible for my Wife and Children to join me on the road and          we traveled as a Family for the final three years.
Through a series of events, GOD directed me, in November 1989, to accept the Pastorate of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Casper, Wyoming where GOD blessed and where I, for the next eleven years, endeavored to preach and teach the need for Prayer and revival. The small handful, who attended that first service, grew into a sizable number who, by GOD’s grace, matured Spiritually and continue to serve, faithfully, in that community.  
I retired from the Pastorate in January 2001 when the LORD began leading me back into Evangelism.     We had not been on the road long before it became evident that the all-knowing grace of GOD had been equipping me to better understand the Pastor’s heart. 
My Wife and I joined Shenandoah Baptist Church in Cleveland, Tennessee in September 2001, where I served for several years as Staff Evangelist under Pastors Steve and Jason Grubbs.   
On January 1, 2012, after much Prayer, we moved our membership to Calvary Baptist Church         in Casper, Wyoming under Pastor Jeff Matney.  Calvary Baptist Church is now our sending Church   as we are seeking to fulfill a life-long burden to minister in the West. We were saved in the Colorado, I was called to Preach in the Colorado, I graduated from Bible College in the Oklahoma,    I Pastored in the Wyoming, and I believe the LORD still has something for us to do in the western part of the United States.
This does not mean that we will minister exclusively in the West as the LORD has graciously opened many doors east of the Mississippi and we want to continue to be used of GOD in that part of our Country.  
My greatest desire is to be a help Pastors. I would count it a great privilege to work with you           in trying to prepare your people for revival.
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Mrs. Aliex Lystlund


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